Your Brain on Food

The ‘Your Brain on Food’ program’s focus is to teach youth + young adults to make good, healthy food choices that can positively impact their mental wellbeing while learning how to prepare delicious, nutrient dense foods together in the kitchen.

The goal of the program is to continue to educate our community with local resources that can be used to compliment and strengthen mental health prevention in our community.

We believe the integration of healthy eating and the power of food will promote optimal nutrition, enhance cognitive function and improve emotional and behavioural well-being. Studies are beginning to show us more and more of a direct link between our diets and our mental health.

You don’t have to be an expert or a professional chef in the kitchen to cook. You certainly do not need all the fancy kitchen gear and gadgets to cook a delicious and nutritious meal. Although, some kitchen gear will certainly make various processes easier, all you really need to get started is determination and effort.

Join in on the fun with our mini series below, and have fun unravelling your hidden talents.

It’s so awesome that you have chosen to participate in the mini series to learn more about how food can be an ally in supporting your mental health but please note although we talk about the benefits of food and nutrition-related to mental health, please know that food is not meant to replace any of the treatments or medications you may already be using.

This content was developed solely for personal use and may not be distributed or reproduced for publication or for the personal or commercial use of others without permission.

This content was created for informational purposes only. Results may vary and adherence to the suggestions made herein do not guarantee results.

Please note that this information is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace medical advice. Before beginning any lifestyle changes, you should seek advice from your medical provider.

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Video 2: Smoothie and Smoothie Bowl

Recipe: Seasonal Smoothie
Resources: ACN Smoothie Formula

Video 3: Overnight Oats/Oat Bowls

Recipe: Overnight Oats/Oat Bowls
Resources: Overnight Oats Formula

Video 4: Congratulations! 

A big congratulations goes out you for embarking on this mini culinary journey. Thank you for actively participating in the Your Brain on Food Program mini series. Download your certificate of completion here!

It was a delight being your facilitator and I hope you continue your own journey in the kitchen, digging deeper and exploring the healing benefits of food and nutrition for a stronger mental health.

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Perhaps you are an advocate in your community and would like to facilitate this fun, interactive culinary program? If so, please contact with us for licensing opportunities here or should you like to support future runnings of this program, check out our sponsorship options here and and our sponsorship letter here. Please contact [email protected] for your next steps.