The SDC strives to enhance community relations and service coordination. We believe it is of great importance to be aware of the ongoing, as well as the new programs being developed locally. We feel that an informed staff is more productive, more helpful and overall more confident. A confident frontline worker is a key component to effectively serving a client or patient.

Paths to Change

Recently, the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area has been working with several community partners to help reduce domestic violence in the City of Cornwall.  In partnership with the Cornwall Community Police, The Chirldren’s Aid Society of SDG and Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry we  have developed a plan to address domestic violence using an early intervention model.  The Model relies on increasing referrals between community agencies to ensure that the participants in the project have increased access to community services.

For more information on this initiative please click  here to watch a prezi about the new program or e-mail with your questions.

Paths to Change Community Partners:

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Frontline FYI Committee


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The SDC along with committee partners annually organize an annual “Frontline FYI” which is an information-exchange fair for different local community agencies. The goal of the Information Exchange is to empower frontline workers by bringing together all local social and human service agencies and resources to better serve and refer clients.  The Frontline FYI will now be biyearly event with the next event occurring in the fall of 2016.

FYI Committee Community Partners: