The Employability Network (EN) consists of members from several community agencies and institutions representing a cross-section of social, economic, educational and training sectors in the SD&G area. The EN’s goal is to focus on bridging the gap to obtaining gainful and sustainable employment for the unemployed or working poor individuals and families in the community and surrounding areas.

The  Employability Network has developed a service-to-services referral form to encourage inter-agency communication and better coordination between local employment services. The Service to Service Referral  From can be found here.

Since 2013, one of the projects that the Employability Network has been working on is to deliver a series of free training opportunities for front-line staff. Below is a list of those training sessions.

March 22, 2018 – Mental Health Services Panel

May 11th 2017 – Anxiety and Social Media

April 12th 2016 – Customer Service

 August 27th 2015 – Social Media and Employment

May 19th 2015 –What are Employers Looking for in 2015?

February 24th 2015 – Personality Dimensions

 October 21st 2014  – The Canada-Ontario Job Grant, Service to Service Referral Form, & Generations in the workforce.

August 26th 2014– Apprenticeships,Introduction to the Vista Centre & Self Employment Assistance Program

 March 18th 2014 – Probation & Parole, Adult Learning, & Statistics from the EOTB

December 3rd 2013 – Literacy in our Community

September 17th 2013 – A Typical Journey at CSS, The Trans-Theoretical Model & What is Addiction?

 May 7th 2013 – Career Coaching, Learn Where you Live & Bridges to Better Mental Health

February 5th 2013 – Diversity in the Workforce


Cornwall Ontario Code heroes kids and adult programs

Register for our workshops and learn digital skills that are relevant for the job market, today. We teach people of all ages in downtown Cornwall how to build websites, graphic design, game design, digital marketing, and various coding languages. Our workshops are affordable, fun, and for people of all ages. Register now.

If you want to bring us into your school, workplace, library, or any other location – please contact us using the form below. You may just qualify for a reduced rate thanks to a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation.​

Why learning to code Matters:​

  • there aren’t enough computer science graduates to fill tech positions in the future
  • coding can teach kids how to express themselves in a uniquely creative way
  • helps teens develop and understand logic that can be applied to many aspects of learning
  • coding can help workers automate their workload and work more efficiently
  • the world is becoming more digital, it’s time that we all get prepared
  • the ability to communicate with machines is probably the biggest superpower you can possess!