Volunteer Administrators Network (VAN) Terms of Reference

Provide support to volunteer administrators through sharing of knowledge and best practices.


  • To enhance volunteer experiences in SDGCA 
  • Foster volunteer engagement to improve retention
  • Collaborate as a network to bridge volunteer gaps
  • To share best practices and strategies on volunteer recruitment, retention and onboarding.

Established by and is responsible to the Social Development Council (SDC)of Cornwall and Area Board of Directors. As such, the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area will assume all liabilities and risks associated with the Volunteer Administrators Network (VAN) provided that VAN’s activities align with the purpose and objectives noted above. 

Any person actively involved in volunteer administration whether paid or unpaid. Memberships will require an annual re-commitment.

Resource Person/Guest
Others who can contribute with their knowledge and experience may be invited as required.  

The leadership of VAN will consist of a small executive that include the following positions: 

  • Chair: Ensures that the Executive Committee functions properly, that there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out.
  • Vice-Chair: Assumes the responsibilities of the chair when the chair is not available.
  • Membership Coordinator: Send out annual membership notice and keeps records of VAN Membership
  • Secretary/PR coordinator: Records minutes of executing meetings and attendance for general meetings.  

These members will be elected at the first general meeting of the network. Terms for the executive will be 1 year up to 3 consecutive terms. The purpose of the executive is to coordinate membership meetings and an annual survey/evaluation of interest. Ideally one member of the executive would sit on the SDC board. If a VAN Executive member is unable to sit on the SDC one general member of VAN will be selected to sit on the SDC board. 

Decision Making:
A quorum shall be 50% plus one of the members at any executive meeting. It is the intent that the Executive and general meeting will operate as much as possible by consensus. When consensus cannot be reached, the voting process will be used. In a split decision, the Chair/Co-chairs may vote.

General Meeting will take place monthly, striving to meet 8 months out of the year. All but July, August, December and April (Volunteer Appreciation month.) Executive meetings will take place at the call of the chair. 

In the event of dissolution, all records shall be turned over to the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area.

Revisions to the Terms of Reference shall be presented to the membership and voted with consensus. 

Minutes shall be recorded by the secretary and submitted to the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area.