South Stormont

Deputy Mayor Candidates

Richard Waldroff

Housing shall we say affordable housing is an issue everywhere fixed income citizens are stretched and stressed.  Many are faced with rent payments,  how to reduce their food budget and not bruising their pride.   As the population ages larger numbers will be requiring assistance in the form of food banks, kitchens and reduced rentals.  

I am not clear as to what sources are readily available, I am thinking senior governments need to offer financial aid in the form of direct assistance to those in need, provide funding for construction (length process) not practical, create a program for partial use of existing rental properties using direct tax subsidies (Municipal,Provincial ,Federal) to the property owners.  

Council Candidates

Tammy Spittal
I believe we have a serious housing crisis that needs our immediate attention and plan of action to provide more affordable housing before more people end up homeless.  This is why I included the need to develop affordable housing in my election brochure.

 I see the most need being the lack of affordable housing in our communities in both the market and rental housing.  If I was elected, I would address the housing crisis by making a Motion for an Inclusionary Zoning By-Law to set aside 10 – 20 percent of all new building and housing developments for affordable units for low income families, people on disability and our seniors. 

 I would also implement policies to retain affordable housing so if a person or family in an affordable unit moved out that unit would stay as an affordable housing unit and not change to a market housing unit.

 I would like to work with other Townships within the area and look into sharing an empty building(s) [and the costs heating, hydro, water, etc.] that could be turned into a temporary live in emergency shelter until other affordable accommodations can be found for the person(s), so homeless people are not forced back out into the cold during the day.  I want the shelter to also take in the homeless people’s pets so that people are not forced to choose their safety and warmth over their pets because most homeless people will choose their pets and risk their own lives because their pets are all they have. 

 I would like to help set up Programs in these temporary live in emergency shelters to help educate the people on life skills, how to cook, how to read, how to budget, etc.  As well as provide volunteer community work to help them feel self worth and have a purpose until they can find a job and get back on their feet.   

 I would also establish a Housing and Homeless Advisory Committee which I would like to sit on with other Members being from the OPP, the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the Ontario Disability Office, a Social Worker from the Cornwall Hospital, a person in charge of our shelter(s), etc to advise Council of the needs and concerns for the homeless, our seniors, people on disability and low income families.

 I would like to work with both the Provincial and Federal Governments and try to secure funding for Housing Benefits and Homelessness Grants for Shelter(s), etc.

Cindy Woods
Thank you for your email, right now we are in an unprecedented market. Where housing is at a premium, most people can’t afford the new rent prices nor can they afford to save for a down payment for a home.  We are so short on affordable housing, I know we are continuing our requests for funding and more affordable housing units, it is at epidemic levels now.  As a municipality we continue to lobby the provincial and federal governments to address our concerns. But so far we have been unsuccessful, Council is well aware of the situation and we strive to make it better, but we need the cooperation of the governments. Part of the solution would be to increase the minimum wage, and put in stricter rent controls,

Unfortunately we don’t have much control, we continue to lobby and hope we will see some progress in the near future