South Glengarry

Deputy Mayor

Jacqueline Milner

Affordable housing and homelessness are issues in the community that require our immediate attention.
Monies are already transferred to SD&G Council to support Cornwall and Area Social Housing. I would certainly support and advocate for a homeless shelter to support those in need. Having a home, whether temporary or permanent, is the number one determinant for health and wellbeing.
Furthermore, in new developments, whether residential or commercial units, I would advocate and support requiring a specific percentage of units to be affordable for households with certain income ranges. Including these requirements, would afford persons with differing incomes accessibility to the new developments.

Some people are less fortunate; life is not kind to all of us. While this one voice on Council won’t be able to help everyone, I am dedicated to work with my Council to assist our community with these challenges.

Lastly, I am a strong proponent, as are many in South Glengarry, for balancing all the work and projects we undertake, with care of our planet. In such new developments, green spaces are key to support human, wildlife, and water health today and for our generations to come.