South Dundas
Deputy Mayor Candidates

Tammy Thom
The housing crisis can definitely be addressed at the municipal level. First step is the acknowledge there is an issue within Council. Immediate first steps on this issue is to provide support for individuals and developers to make sure that there is no ‘red tape’ in the way of housing proposals, zoning variances etc.  Also, allowing for in-law or ‘grannie’ type suites. This is an important way to make a difference immediately to our affordable housing shortage.  

The Municipality of South Dundas must prioritize affordable, accessible housing for its residents to sustain economic development. Getting creative and keeping this important issue on the top of my priority list, is my objective as Deputy Major. 

Council Candidates

Trevor Riopelle:
Thank you for taking  the time to reach out to me and the other candidates in the S. D and G riding. Taking time to ask questions is an important part of the election process. Many people are not able to make it to all candidates meetings, go on line or receive the local paper. I’d would also like to note that I am currently employed by the City or Cornwall and more importantly am in the housing sector. This makes my views on the this matter a bit difficult to answer sometimes in this election process.  

You asked a loaded question for sure. However I feel it fare to touch base on a few items that cover housing. To start, visible homelessness is not something I see in South Dundas, not that there is not a housing issue, but the actually people living with no house is not a common site. I am well aware this is a problem that happens not far from South Dundas, and needs to be addressed. Mental health awareness and social programs are what is needed for the root of this issue. 

If elected I would work diligently with Cornwall Human Services in all, and any capacity that would only help and benefit the housing crisis we face not only in our community but also S. D and G, and Ontario. I will educate myself on the permitting process, bi-laws and granting system. I would as well work with the same enthusiasm with all local factions that have anything to do with housing such as habitat for humanity, the local home builders association, and the local social programs that go hand in hand with the housing programs. Housing is something that I am very passionate about. 

I would also ensure that I would listen with and open ear and mind to all proposals, and further to that I would work to the maximum of my ability and power to help in anyway fill and housing issues that come across the table. 

I’m saying that I am only one vote of the council for South Dundas, I am however a voice and advocate for all types of housing. 

I’m closing the one thing I would like to look at is existing municipal land in South Dundas, also municipal buildings that are now unoccupied and need a breath of life injected into them. 

Danielle Ward:
With regards to South Dundas, the need for affordable housing over the past few years has become more and more apparent as we lose more young families. As with all Campaign topics, I first would like to outline some facts to educate readers on the current situation. 

The Dundas County Housing report, is packed full of information regarding affordable housing and community characteristics as well as items for the community and politicians to consider to assist in making housing more affordable. In South Dundas we have a median total income of $19,520, meaning “affordable” housing costs should not exceed $1627.00 a month. With regards to purchasing and owning a home, only 17% of homes sold in 2020-2021 were affordable (with affordable being houses less than $236,500). In South Dundas  we have 110 units for seniors that are owned by Cornwall Area Housing and Private Non-Profits , we also have 32 units available for mature adults, or adults living with disabilities. As of 2021, there was no available housing supports for families in South Dundas. These statistics are also not reflective of invisible homelessness which is more prevalent in rural communities- this invisible homelessness is characterized by living with parents, couch surfing with friends, etc- highlighting that although we do not have any “tent” cities we do also have a homelessness problem in our own backyards. 

If elected I would like to focus on developing housing for families, an area which I think has been neglected over the past few years and has resulted in the loss of young families (our future) in South Dundas. I would like to do this through passing a fee reduction by-law for public and private affordable housing- wherein affordable units would pay a reduced infrastructure, building, and planning related fee, to continue to keep the units affordable- this would be enforced through passing an agreement between the landowner and the Municipality and registered on title- in order to keep the units affordable. I’d also like to review the zoning by-laws and official plan to try and allow affordable housing to be defined as a “public use” allowing for its construction in a variety of different zones. I’d like to see the zoning by-law to be updated to include different housing mechanisms such as tiny homes, and temporary/transient housing. 

Going even further I’d like to utilize site plans and subdivision agreements to see the Municipality incorporate affordable housing as a requirement in each new development. If a new subdivision is being constructed, I would propose that at least 10% of the lots or units be affordable. Similarly with regards to multi-unit housing proposals (those over three units), utilizing site plan agreements, I would like to see at least 20% of the units proposed being affordable. These agreements are registered on title and enforceable, serving as a good mechanism to work with the private sector on the development of affordable housing. 

I would also like to propose that Council donate surplus public lands where practical to assist with the continued development of public and non profit affordable housing, the reduce need for capital to purchase the land should decrease the burden associated with the overall costs of creating more affordable housing. I would also like to advocate for reducing stigmatism with regards to affordable housing and its placement within the community, integrating it into neighborhoods with existing servicing where practical and incorporating communal spaces such as libraries, community centers, recreation facilities, community kitchens, and private stores into the development to encourage people outside of the development to intermingle with those living inside the new development, further helping to create a stronger community.  

Jeff Welsh:
We do have  a housing crisis  in our municipality  if elected  in as councillor of South Dundas  l would be  looking  into  federal  and  Provincial  grants  for housing  l would  be investigate in   into  our  bylaws  to  see if  there  are any for  low cost  housing  l  would  be  willing  to sit  down  with  contractors  housing  corporations   business  groups  to help  get this done  l would  talk  to Kemptville to get information  they have  already  started  a affordable housing program  it is our  responsibility  to look after   our community  l would  also  be  asking  if the  municipality  has  any land  that  would  be suitable  thanks