Round 5 of the Emergency Food Hampers

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During the week of the 21st of June, the fifth round of Emergency Food Hampers were assembled and delivered to over 1600 houses in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne. It was evident this was a great team effort, with exceptional leadership from the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area and the United Way SDG. 

Funding the City of Cornwall received through the Social Services Relief Fund (provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs) made everything possible. Hampers included varying foods such as apples, rice, peanut butter, ground beef, pasta, cereal, tuna, bread, milk and more. Boxes were made for households of different sizes, and also included fun snacks for children like Gushers and Granola bars. 

The project would not have been possible without the generous volunteers who gave their time and effort, and the businesses and organizations who provided the team with the resources and manpower to successfully complete another round of the Food Hampers. 

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those who helped made the Food Hampers possible, including:

  1. The United Way SDG – For the continued support in co-hosting the food hampers.
  2.  Regional Emergency Response Council – For ensuring their clients received the food hampers and everyone who took the time to volunteer to help with assembly and distribution.
  3. . Volunteers (individuals, service clubs such as Rotary Club of Cornwall Sunrise, and other organizations outside of the RERC) – For volunteering to prepare and deliver boxes during the week of June 21st. There are many people who volunteered for multiple days and we’re so grateful for your time.
  4.  Kriska Transportation (Cornwall) – For donating the Refrigerated tractor trailer to ensure our temperature sensitive food items remained fresh during the week.
  5. City of Cornwall – For donating the equipment needed to carry out the organisation of various food items, and for helping in picking up and delivering grocery carts from Freshco for volunteers to use to pack boxes.
  6. Giant Tiger Cornwall, Jen and James No Frills, Nutrigroupe and Cardinal & Son Wholesale Meats – For the majority of the food that was packed in over 1600 hampers.
  7. FreshCo Cornwall – For donating the bags and shopping carts necessary for the creation of the Hampers.
  8.  Leclerc – For donating cookies and granola bars for the hampers.
  9.  Ontario Pride Eggs and Nutrigroupe– For the generous discount on the eggs.
  10.  Sunbelt Rentals– For donating over $1,000 of equipment needed and for donating their time to pack hampers.
  11. Visual Vinyl and Print- For donating the signage.
  12. Dairy Queen– For donating free blizzard cards for our volunteers.
  13. DemoPlus– For giving us the traffic cones to make the drive through. 
  14. The owner of the building, Kim– For being cooperative and easy to work with.
  15. Simplex– For giving us a reduced rate for renting carts.


Written By: Hailey Budgell (Summer Placement Student)


See Full Hamper Report Here.

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