Regional Emergency & Strategic Response Council

The Regional Emergency and Strategic Response Council of Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall, and Akwesasne (RESRC) will work collectively on an ongoing basis to address the most pressing needs within the community.

In a time of emergency, the RESRC will evaluate and define the community’s most urgent needs and create a short- and long-term action plan to address these needs.

To ensure that:

  • Information regarding regionally specific assets and programs are being communicated to the best of our ability to the community as a whole.
  • Work is being done collectively to define the pressing needs of the community.
  • Priorities are established and actions defined to meet those needs.
  • Creation of programs/projects to address community needs will rely on local expertise and guidance.
  • Organizations for which the identified need ties into their current mandates will be prioritized for the roll out of these programs/projects.
  • If additional resources and/or funding is required to address ongoing needs in the community, the RESRC membership will seek out other sources of funding to support the project/program.
  • During an emergency, decisions are made collectively on the distribution of emergency funding.