Regional Emergency Response Council(SDGCA)

Terms of Reference
Evaluate and define the community’s pressing needs during a time of crisis.
Create a short and long term action plan to address the most pressing needs.

Objectives of the Regional Emergency Response Council are to ensure that:
● Information regarding regionally specific assets and programs are being
communicated to the best of our ability to the community as a whole.
● Work is being done collectively to define pressing needs of the community during
this time of crisis.
● Priorities are established and actions defined to meet those needs.
● Decisions are made collectively on the proper distribution of Emergency Funds
that are allotted to our community.
Leadership: The leadership of the council will consist of 2 co-chairs.
● Co-Chairs: The co-chairs will be representatives from the The United
Way/Centraide of SDG and the Social Development Council of Cornwall and

The United Way/Centraide of SDG will provide logistical support for the
working groups.

Established by and is responsible to The United Way/Centraide of SDG Board of
Directors. As such, The United Way/Centraide of SDG will assume all liabilities and
risks associated with the Regional Emergency Response Council(SDGCA) provided
that the council’s activities align with the purpose and objectives noted above.

Resource Person/Guest:
Others who can contribute with their knowledge and experience may be invited as

Decision Making:
The council will operate as much as possible by consensus. When consensus cannot
be reached, the voting process will be used.

Email Vote:
There may be instances between meetings that will require a decision. In such cases an
email will be sent to the members of a specific working group. Members are to respond
to this email with their vote. These votes will be recorded. 50% +1 of the identified
members must vote in favour in order for the decision to be accepted.

Meeting of the council will be at the call of the co-chairs.
In the event of dissolution, all records shall be turned over to The United Way/Centraide
of SDG.

Revisions to the Terms of Reference shall be presented to membership and voted with

Minutes shall be recorded by the co-chairs and submitted to the The United
Way/Centraide of SDG.

Specific Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:
All Standing and Ad Hoc committees will develop Terms of Reference and/or mandate
to be approved by the council. Members of a committee will be recruited by the
Chairperson of the Committee and from the council and general community.