All Things Food/Bouffe 360° is a Community Food Network

As of January 2017, All Things Food is a Standing Committee of the Social Development Council of Cornwall & area.

Our Mission and Vision
Our mission: To increase access to local, healthy and sustainable food for all residents of SD&G.

Our vision: Healthy and sustainable communities that are food secure.

Community Asset and Risk Map

Community Asset and Risk Map. This GIS Map is a digital community asset and risk mapping tool. On this map you will find social services, child care, transportation, food access, emergency services, community centers, and much more. These services are layered on with the deprivation index, marginalization index, population by age, density etc. This tool is available for our community to use to help fill in gaps in service in hopes to better serve our residents. Updates coming soon.

Edible Cities

The Edible Cities Project is a local project aiming to promote and implement permanent edible ecosystems within the City of Cornwall. Our mission is to convert seldom used, public facing spaces into edible landscapes and to provide educational services around the production of food.

Over the past several years, Cornwall has experienced a surge of public interest in sustainable development. We are certain that the integration of natural edible landscapes into our urban environment is the logical next step and that we will secure Cornwall as a leader in this space.

Employability Network

The Employability Network (EN) consists of members from several community agencies and institutions representing a cross-section of social, economic, educational and training sectors in the SD&G area. The EN’s goal is to focus on bridging the gap to obtaining gainful and sustainable employment for the unemployed or working poor individuals and families in the community and surrounding areas.

The Employability Network has developed a service-to-services referral form to encourage inter-agency communication and better coordination between local employment services. The Service to Service Referral From can be found here.

Since 2013, one of the projects that the Employability Network has been working on is to deliver a series of free training opportunities for front-line staff.

Job Fair

The Cornwall and Area Job Fair helps employers and job seekers connect before the busy holiday season. Past events have hosted 26 major employers from across the region with over 200 available jobs.

The Job Fair series has been organized by the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area – Employability Network and sponsored by Ministry of Community and Social Services in partnership with the City of Cornwall, Cornwall Economic Development, Job Zone d'emploi, United Counties of SDG, Eastern Ontario Training Board and the Akwesasne Area Management Board.

Community Resource List

There are hundreds of resources in our community for health, education, addictions, families, and more. This page offers a list of resources that may be able to assist you in Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Akwesasne and area. This list is offered in partnership with the City of Cornwall.

Transition Cornwall+ is part of a vibrant, international grassroots movement

Transition Cornwall+ supports Cornwall and neighbouring communities in facing challenges such as the rising cost of energy and food, extreme weather, and financial uncertainty. By working together right now, we can create a more affordable, caring, healthy and secure future for all.

Transition Cornwall+ is a working group with the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area. If you are interested in getting involved with this caring, fun-loving community group or simply want further information, kindly contact [email protected].

Volunteer Administrators Network

The Volunteer Administrators Network (VAN) provides support to volunteer administrators through sharing of knowledge and best practices.

The network's goals include: Enhancing volunteer experiences in SDGCA, fostering volunteer engagement to improve retention, collaborating as a network to bridge volunteer gaps, and sharing best practices and strategies on volunteer recruitment, retention and onboarding.

The VAN group meets monthly. To become a member please express your interest to [email protected].

The goal of is to empower people to keep helping within their communities and to keep working to build a more vibrant and healthy community. It is for this reason that the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area’s Poverty Working Group (PWG) had begun working on Volunteerism in Stormont Dundas and Glengarry. In January 2014, the PWG had outlined a need for more coordination among volunteers and volunteer managers in our community, a plan was made, and funding was located to fund the creation of this website. This website is the first step of many on our journey to becoming a more vibrant community.