#5-Address issues related to housing and homelessness.
Themes and strategies Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Advocate for more supportive housing for those mental health illnesses, disabilities or other health needs.
Supportive Housing Program is aimed for those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program enables one to maintain or obtain suitable housing while receiving support through the Intensive Case Management Services. Program Objectives • To explore client’s interests, abilities, skills, strengths and barriers in order to achieve their housing goal • To support clients in accessing existing housing and financial resources within the community • To assist clients in accessing tenant information to inform them of their rights and responsibilities as a tenant • Maintain independent housing CMHA Champlain East https://www.cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/
The Kinsmen Community Residence offers an enhanced quality of life to adults with developmental challenges by providing the opportunity to learn and practice independent living skills and by increasing their participation and involvement in their community. Kinsmen Community Residence https://www.kinsmenresidence.com/
OCAPDD provides support to hundreds of persons with developmental disabilities, in every aspect of life whether seeking work opportunities, securing living arrangements or dealing with day-to-day tasks. Since fully a third of OCAPDD’s clients are also affected by physical disabilities and other medical considerations, the scope of the organization’s support is in direct response to level of need. Open Hands Residential Services https://www.ocapdd.on.ca/
We provide living options with the supports needed to meet each person’s unique needs. Our accommodation options include: Community Homes: We have living options for adults with an intellectual disability which gives them the opportunity to enhance their skills, be active, and be included in the community. Home Share: An opportunity for people to share their lives with someone who has an intellectual disability. Semi-Independent Living: We have accommodation supports for adults with an intellectual disability who are able to live more independently, but may still require some guidance and support in some areas. Community Living Glengarry https://cldc.ca/services/
We have five homes: four in Alexandria and one in Green Valley. It is our goal to ensure that the residence is regarded primarily as the home of the people who live there. Although our residences currently have no vacancies, people can ask to be added to the waiting list, which is managed by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). Those who are considering residential living can contact us to learn more about eligibility and the application process. Community Living Dundas County http://www.clglen.on.ca/
Group home for adults with special needs (18-65). Greenview Manor https://www.champlainhealthline.ca/
CMHA-CE provides housing supports in a variety of ways (addressing hoarding through a homelessness prevention initiative contract with the City of Cornwall, rent supplements, a collaboration with the Cornwall and Area Housing Corp, ensuring that housing meets community standards for our vulnerable populations and education to landlords). CMHA https://www.cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/
SVCHC (PCO, Bridges, etc) assist client in self-advocacy through social housing applications, referrals to legal aid, assistance with calling by-law officers when needed; SVCHC is on the regional planning table for mental health; SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
Ensure we have adequate social housing for low income families and individuals and ensure no one is without a home.
100 per cent provincially funded outcomes-based program that aims to prevent and end homelessness by improving access to adequate, suitable, and affordable housing and homelessness services for people experiencing homelessness and for people at-risk of homelessness. CHPI is administered under a service agreement between the Minister of Housing and each Service Manager (SM). Supports include: Rental Arrears, Hydro Arrears, Fuel for Heating (Gas, Oil, Propane, Wood), Moving Assistance, Repatriation, Pest Control, Minor Home Repairs Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) https://www.cornwall.ca/en
These manors provide housing to our most vulnerable. They work with ODSP and Ontario Works regularly to ensure that individuals are safely housed. Riverview Manor in particular works with the City of Cornwall to provide crisis beds to individuals who are homeless. Referrals to the these crisis beds can be done by the Cornwall Community Hospital or the Canadian Mental Health Association. Domiciliary Program https://www.cornwall.ca/en
Naomi’s Family Resource Centre provides safe, secure, confidential emergency shelter and support services to women 16 years and older with or without children who are victims of family violence in any form. Through renewed awareness of their strengths and resources women and children can establish violence free lives in the community and reach their full human growth potential. Naomi’s Family Resource Centre https://naomiscentre.ca/
Maison Baldwin House’s Mission is to assist women and their children in the transition from violent and abusive circumstances to a safe and secure environment and a renewed family by providing safe shelter and services, and encouraging them to realize their full human potential. Maison Baldwin House baldwinhouse.ca
House of Lazarus has numerous community outreach programs covering a wide variety of needs. Some programs are seasonal or temporary, while others are permanent, running all year long. HOL currently has funding to support those in need of emergency housing across SDG and Cornwall. House of Lazarus https://hol.community/
Social Housing refers to rental housing developed with the assistance of government and subsidized by government for people with low to moderate incomes, seniors, or people with special needs who can live, with supports, in the community. Subsidies are based on the tenants’ ability to pay, with rents calculated at approximately 30% of gross monthly household income up to market rent. This is known as Rent Geared To Income. Social Housing (RGI) Program – City Of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en
A Rent Supplement is a nominal subsidy paid to the landlord on behalf of a household in need of rental assistance. Applicants will only be eligible for a maximum subsidy of up to 5 cumulative years – conditional upon funding – and the Applicant continues to qualify. Rent Supplement Program – City of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en
The Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) is a federal-provincial housing allowance program. The purpose of the COHB program is to increase the affordability of rental housing by providing an income-tested, Portable Housing Benefit (PHB) payment directly to eligible households in housing need that are on, or are eligible to be on, social housing waiting lists and to households in housing need living in community housing. Canada-Ontario Housing Benefit (COHB) https://www.cornwall.ca/en
Ontario Renovates is a forgivable loan / grant program for low-to-moderate income homeowners in Cornwall, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. This program is being delivered with funding from the federal and provincial governments. This program provides financial assistance in the form of a 10 year forgivable loan to make essential home repairs, and/or a grant to increase a homeowner’s accessibility, up to a maximum of $10,000 (including $5,000.00 for accessibility and approved administrative costs). Ontario Renovates https://www.cornwall.ca
The City of Cornwall’s Social Housing Division has developed a Ten Year Housing Plan for the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. This local Plan is a high level strategic Plan focused on the whole spectrum of housing in our service area that responds to local circumstance and to those specific needs with innovative community-based solutions. Ten Year Housing Plan – City of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/ten-year-housing-plan.aspx
Homeless enumeration is a count of the minimum number of people who are experiencing homelessness in a community over a specific period of time. Enumeration involves gathering information about the demographic characteristics, circumstances, and needs of those experiencing homelessness in our communities. Homeless enumeration – City of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en
The City of Cornwall’s department of Social & Housing Services is the Service Manager for both the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. There are a total for 1,643 community housing units for seniors, single and family units across 35 properties. A review of the current community housing stock took place along with an evaluation of housing needs throughout the service area of Cornwall SDG. Housing Revitalization Plan – City of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/resources/Housing/PDF-Files/Housing-Revitalization-Plan-2020.pdf
The mission of Iethinisten:ha is to provide emergency and long term safe housing for victims of domestic violence, abusive situations, self harm and high risk behaviors. The mandate of the program is to provide educational healing services to women, men and children. There is a separate residential house for males who are victims of domestic violence or self- abuse. Akwesasne Family Wellness Program http://www.akwesasne.ca
The Mohawk Council Housing Authority is established to develop and implement a fair and equitable housing policy and to ensure that the members of the Akwesasne community have equal access to affordable and quality housing. Mohawk Council Housing Authority http://www.akwesasne.ca/housing/
Social Housing is a division of the Social and Housing Services Department which delivers programs and services to residents of both the City of Cornwall and the United Counties of SDG. Social Housing helps people who are in need. Cornwall & Area Housing Corporation https://www.cornwall.ca/
Habitat for Humanity Cornwall & The Counties is a community-based, nonprofit, faith-based organization working for a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live. We believe that access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a basic human right that should be available to all. Habitat for Humanity Cornwall and the Counties https://habitatcornwall.org/
Maison Interlude House a toujours mis les femmes victimes de violence conjugale et leurs enfants au centre de son développement. Aujourd’hui, MIH est devenue une agence multi-services afin de mieux répondre aux nombreux besoins des femmes qui font appel à nos services. Si au départ le territoire desservi par MIH se limitait à Prescott et Russell, depuis 2003 notre mandat a été élargi pour desservir, par le biais de nos Services Externes, les comtés de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry. Maison Interlude House https://www.minterludeh.ca/