#2-Promote continued and adult education. (Literacy, Skills training, career navigation, etc.)
Themes and strategies Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Advocate for affordable education and trades training.
Child Care Fee subsidy is available to parents who are low income and attending school Child Care – Social and
Housing Services
EOTB offers a free DZ driver training program. Eastern Ontario Training Board https://eotb-cfeo.on.ca/
Centre Moi J’Apprends offers free literacy training in french. Moi J’apprends https://moijapprends.ca
Free College Prep Courses. Work at your own pace to develop credits for college programs St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca/
Tri-County Literacy Council offers a variety of FREE training programs in the setting and environment that best suit your learning style and goals. Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.
Contact North provides access to online courses from literacy to University with many free and affordable options Contact North https://studyonline.ca/program-courses
Create a community with a culture of volunteerism and giving back. Volunteering provides more opportunity for people to build qualifications and experiences for work.
There is an ongoing need for volunteers. The volunteer culture in Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne is healthy and vibrant. Many local oranizations offer meaningful volunteer opportunities. Here are just a few options
The Agape Centre agapecentre.ca
Boys & Girls Club https://www.bgccornwallsdg.com/
Cornwall Hospital https://www.cornwallhospital.ca/en/Volunteer
Cornwall Public Library https://www.library.cornwall.on.ca/about/support
Salvation Army https://www.facebook.com/Salvationarmycornwall/
Serendipity Boutique https://www.facebook.com/SerendipityBoutique613
Optimist Club https://optimistclubofcornwall.org/
Meals on Wheels https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here
Canadian Cancer Society https://www.cancer.ca/en/?region=on
Kinsmen Club https://www.cornwallkin.com/
Beyond 21 http://www.beyond21.org/
Dundas County Hospice https://dundascountyhospice.ca/
United Way http://unitedwaysdg.com/
Tri-county Literacy Council accepts volunteers and promotes volunteerism among its learners. Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.
Volunteer Administrators Network has the objective to enhance volunteer experiences (in the region), foster volunteer engagement to improve retention in our organizations (and) collaborate as a network to bridge volunteer gaps. Volunteer Administrators Network https://sdccornwall.ca/volunteer-
All of our secondary students require 40 hours of
volunteer work to graduate.
UCDSB http://www.ucdsb.on.ca/for_
SVCHC has vibrant Volunteer Services that supports its many programs and is involved in the local Volunteer Administrators Network (VAN) sharing resources and training to encourage volunteer engagement in the community. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
All of our secondary students require 40 hours of
volunteer work to graduate. We encourage students and their families to volunteer.
CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Encourage more interactive and accessible education that meet people’s needs and is offered in diverse learning styles.
This is exactly what Tri-County Literacy does. Training involves community partners and agency creates curriculum responding to community needs. Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com/
Encore offers a unique learning experience for adults 50+, with no term papers, no exams and no grades! There are no educational prerequisites; classes are enhanced by discussions based on the broad experiences of the participants and are taught in a relaxed, friendly classroom environment. Encore Seniors https://www.encoreseniors.ca/
Contact North offers online and distance learning options. Contact North https://contactnorth.ca/
Iohahiio provide the community with literacy training in a culturally sensitive manner. Iohahi:io http://iohahiio.ambe.ca/
The intervention involves a thorough assessment of parent/teen interaction, the application of parenting skills to a broad range of target behaviours and the use of generalization enhancement strategies to promote parental autonomy. Laurencrest -Triple P Parenting https://laurencrest.com/
In partnership with the Upper Canada District School Board, our agency is responsible for program delivery and administration of the ABLE program targeting youth receiving chronic suspensions Laurencrest -ABLE Program https://laurencrest.com/
Service Coordination – programs for learners and job seekers Eastern Ontario Training Board https://eotb-cfeo.on.ca/
Skills link – assisting at risk youth to overcome barriers to employment and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to make a successful transition to the labour market or return to school Eastern Ontario Training Board – Service Canada eotb-cfeo.on.ca
Specialist High Skills Majors let students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Ministry of Education http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/
Our Partners (K-gr 6)/Turning Points (gr 7-12) Program and ABLE program do this. CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/our-programs/


Explore creating an education resource list. One location that promotes all adult education options from literacy to university.
SDC created a master resource list that has section on literacy and education with all the local contact information – located on city of Cornwall webpage. Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area https://www.cornwall.ca/
TCLC has First Stop Assessment, that directs individuals to their appropriate learning programs. Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com/
Offer adult guidance counselling and mentorship to support educational goals and career changes.
College Prep Program and Coordinators at
St. Lawrence College
St Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca
SVCHC offers case coordination for our clients on a need-by-need basis. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
GIAG has a resource center, offer career related workshops and offers employment consultations. Glengarry Inter Agency Group giag.ca
Akwesasne Employment Resource Center is a central employment resource centre. Akwesasne Employment Resource Centre myaerc.org
Job Zone D’emploi offers career counselling and workshops. Job Zone d’Emploi jobzonedemploi.ca
TCLC creates learning plans that direct learners
toward their educational and social goals.
Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com/
Adult counselling offered to those who attend school CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Promote and expand existing literacy training and employment preparation programs. TCLC continually seeks funds to expand training
locations and training curriculum to further meet
community needs.
Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com/