North Glengarry
Councillor for Lochiel

Brenda Noble

We had an issue with the lagoon cramping our expansion, but that will be addressed shortly.
We have a project starting soon which will eventually add 700 living spaces, potentially to seniors who in turn would move out of their large homes to accommodate families.
We also do everything in our power to make developers lives easier…within reason!!! No favours or kickbacks, just common sense and reachability.

I hope to reduce the number of lollipop severances though, as cutting a farmhouse off of its terrain makes for a sad island. That lack of foresight will limit our food production in the future, so that’s not a housing solution I would support. But we do need to increase the number of rental properties because we have large businesses that need housing for their employees. Our staff has found all potential building properties and is in the midst of matching builders with landowners. Stay tuned!