North Dundas

Council Candidates

Joselyn Morley

Homelessness and precarious housing is definitely an issue in North Dundas. Precarious housing includes those “couch surfing” or staying with friends or relatives. People with children, as example, do not want to draw attention to themselves. Hidden homeless & precariously housed are rarely included in statistics. The problem is worse than many realise. We in North Dundas are the furthest from Cornwall & the seat of the united Counties.

The Provincial Policy Statement of the Planning Act defines affordable housing as that which costs only 30% or less of someone’s annual income. This cost should include all parts of accommodation, including rent, mortgage, taxes, heat, insurance, etc. Or a house that costs at least 10% lower than the market cost. The cost of both rent and homes for sale has skyrocketed since the pandemic began. We need up to date data. North Grenville Mayor Nancy Peckford ran on a promise of striking a Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing in 2018. After she was elected, her & her council stuck a committee made up of various stakeholders in the community. We can look to that project going forward for guidance. In North Dundas we need engaged & informed citizens to participate on Community Advisory Committees. North Dundas has not used Advisory Committees before. We need to tap into this vast resource of community knowledge.

We need to look to re-purposing available building space. We need to secure funding to assist in transforming vacant spaces into livable spaces.

We need to ensure that developers include a percentage of all their builds be “affordable.” Developers want to build in North Dundas.

We need to make it easier for people to build additions or “in-law suites.” There are provincial grants to help people do this. We need to let people know about such grants.

We need to facilitate smaller houses, through zoning bylaw changes, education campaigns, and fresh innovative thinking.

We need to build rental units. Not everyone wants or can afford a single-family home.

We need to look at ALL possibilities: co-ownership, co-operative housing, home sharing programs, small homes, and modular homes.

We need to make sure all populations are considered, especially vulnerable populations.

We need to allow for more mixed housing. Zoning needs to be looked at to allow a diversity of housing. We need to maximise available land. We can’t keep just building big houses on farmland, forests & wetlands.

We need to allow residential use in commercial areas. We need apartments over shops. Allowing residential in a commercial area is not going to mean less commercial space. We’re not losing businesses. We’re adding housing.

Habitat for humanity.

Secure funding for the completion of Dundas Manor.

 Some things can be started immediately, like collecting & consolidating existing data & getting a committee up & running.

We need to take stock of existing costs of housing, both rental & ownership.

We need a plan. Using NG’s report from the Affordable Housing task force will give us some place to start.