#4-Organize theme-specific support groups. (PTSD, postpartum depression, anxiety, etc.)
Themes and strategies identified through public engagement. Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Create programs dedicated to children and youth such as mentorship opportunities for youth with mental illness and counselling in schools.
CMHA’s participation on the creation of Ontario Health Teams will allow to explore these opportunities. CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/
SVCHC offers an LGBTQ+2S group which involves youth. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca/lgbtq/
SVCHC dietitians are in partnership with youth hub which offers mental health services to youth, as well as partnering with TR Leger for the TLC program. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
Laurencrest offers several residential and community programs for youth Laurencrest Youth Services https://laurencrest.com/
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Cornwall and District offers one on one mentoring, in school mentoring, Couples for kids, Big Bunch, Big for a day, and Go girls. Big Brothers Big Sisters http://www.bigbrothersbigsisters.ca
Mandatory Attendance Program (MAP) A full-time program coordinator is assisted, as required, by a roster of part-time specialists in designing and implementing individualized cognitive/behavioural services, addressing targeted risk areas for referred youth. Youth and parent actively contribute to the development of a specific plan of care Laurencrest https://laurencrest.com/
Help children learn to be caring and responsible and develop their leadership potential. Boys and Girls Club www.bgccornwallsdg.com
Pleo Bilingual services: Our Parents’ Helpline, Parents support group,Our One-on-One Mobile Service, PLEO https://www.pleo.on.ca/
The Eastern Champlain Youth Wellness Hubs serves local youth as a fully integrated one-stop-shop, where youth between the ages of 12 and 25 can address all of their health and wellness needs. Help is available for mental health and addiction. Primary care services are immediately available, along with many more community and social services. The hub also includes peer services and system navigation services, all delivered in a timely and integrated manner from one central hub. Youth hub/Hub jeunesse https://youthhubs.ca/en
Wellness and Accessibility Centre: At St. Lawrence College (SLC), we work collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to provide access and support to students through a range of Student Wellness & Accessibility Services. St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca
CDSBEO have Mental Health and Addiction Secondary School Counsellors that provide counselling in schools. CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Create programs that have a focus on early intervention, prevention and that promote healthy childhood development. (Prenatal, parenting, postpartum depression)
Healthy Babies, Healthy Children – Family Home Visitors visit the homes and provide support to young families. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/my-health/
We deliver a program to assist women who are victims of domestic violence and can offer supportive counselling, psychotherapy, safety planning and groups for children who witness domestic violence. We also offer a Partner Assault Response Program for those who have been charged with domestic violence. Inspire Community Support Services http://www.css-sdg.ca/
EOHU offers free prenatal courses. Now offered virtually EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/my-health/
Watch Me Grow is an informal drop-in centre for parents of children under the age of 6. Come meet other parents and receive free information and support that will help make parenting easier. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/classes-
Triple P stands for “Positive Parenting Program” Triple P is a parenting and family support system designed to prevent, as well as treat, behavioural and emotional problems in children and teenagers. It aims to prevent problems in the family, school and community before they arise and to create family environments that encourage children to realize their potential. Triple P https://mytriplep.ca/en/
Baby’s Best Start is part of the Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Program. This program provides pregnant women with support during their pregnancy such as nutrition counselling, prenatal vitamins and food coupons (if eligible), education on feeding your infant and connection with other community agency programs and services when necessary. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/my-health/
Feeding you Baby: Join a small group of parents to learn about how healthy eating can help set your baby on the path to a lifetime of health. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/classes-
Let’s Talk about your child’s nutrition: Join a small group of parents to learn about how healthy eating can help set your toddler or preschooler on the path to a lifetime of health. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/classes-clinics/
The MyQuit program is designed to support anyone interested in quitting smoking or cutting back their tobacco use. The program is free of charge and is delivered by our coaches who are trained in the latest techniques to help you successfully stop smoking. EOHU https://myquit.ca/
Equipe psycho-sociale has groups for children, youth, and caregivers: anxiety, ADHD, parenting, emotions regulation, impact of separation/divorce, etc Equipe psycho-sociale https://equipepsychosociale.com/
The Early ON Centre of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry will provide leadership by supporting parents and our communities in raising children and ensuring they reach their full potential.

We envision a community where children have a healthy start in life, are safe and secure, and have access to a range of learning activities to strengthen their readiness to learn. We will provide leadership to make this happen by building strong parents in their role and giving children the opportunities to be the best that they can be.

Glengarry inter-agency group ( GIAG) https://www.giag.ca/early-onon-y-va
Inspire community services for SDG (Formerly SDG Developmental Services) offer the following programs: Infant Development Program, Child and Adolescent Services Program, Occupational Therapy Services, Clinical Services, Family Home Program, Family Relief Program for Developmentally Challenged Children and Adults, Family Relief Program for Physically Challenged Children, Out-of-Home Respite Initiative for Medically Fragile and Technologically, Dependent Children, Independent Respite Initiative, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Respite Services, Advocacy and Social Action for People with Disabilities, Child and Youth Community Health Care Programs, Children and Youth with Disabilities, Fitness, Recreational and Social Programs for People with Disabilities, Housing and Residential Care for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Respite Care for Children Inspire community services https://developmentalservices.ca
SVCHC Nurse Practitioner is trained for PPP and offers wellness baby visits (nutrition) which supports the EOHU. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
« Mothers in Mind » est un programme volontaire d’intervention de groupe axée sur les relations, tout en tenant compte de la relation d’attachement. Ce programme s’adresse aux mères ayant des antécédents en matière de violence et/ou de traumatisme et qui ont des enfants de moins de quatre ans. Mothers in Mind® (MIM) is a mother and child program specifically designed to meet the parenting needs of mothers who have experienced family violence, childhood abuse, neglect or sexual assault, and have children under the age of four. Équipe psycho-sociale www.equipepsychosociale.ca
Create specialty supports for PTSD including exposure therapy (Virtual reality)
We partner with Triple P to offer services in our schools. Our young Moms have access to supports to help them learn effective parenting techniques and healthy baby development. We also offer the Sources of Strength program in our secondary schools. Finally, we partner with PLEO to help ensure that parents know that they have somewhere to turn when they are struggling in dealing with their child/youth mental health challenges. CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Counselling and compensation for your mental health needs such as PTSD or depression. Veterans affairs Canada https://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng
Initiate peer mentorship or support group programs in person and online around specific themes.
Academic Advisement: proactively engaging with students to provide advising to support student success.​ Strategic Support: collaborate with students to help develop Success Plans aligned with their academic goals.​ Learning Strategies: work with students to develop effective learning strategies with ongoing, dynamic supports and resources.​ Collaboration – partner with Faculty and Support Services to facilitate a positive and successful college experience for students. St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca/
Peer Tutor Programs: If you are having difficulty in one or more of your courses, the Peer Tutoring Program may be of benefit to you. Peer Tutors provide practice and review of course material to help students enhance their understanding of the course content. St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca/
Exemples de groupes thérapeutiques offerts au CSCE : -Groupe sur la pleine conscience, Groupe de gestion de l’anxiété, Groupe de yoga thérapeutique, Groupe relaxation et autres Centre de santé communautaire de l’Estrie www.cscestrie.on.ca
Mentalk/K’hommeunique a men’s generale support group CSCE/ and a volunteer from CMHA www.facebook.com/
Parkinson’s support group Parkinsons Cornwall https://www.parkinson.ca/
CMHA promotes the use of provincial program BounceBack and The Big White Wall. CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/
The Ride the Wave life promotion campaign aims to promote mental health and wellbeing among youth to help them weather the storms that life brings. The campaign’s goal is to encourage young people to seek out available resources when they need it, and to reach out to others who may sometimes need their help. EOHU https://www.ridethewave.ca/
SVCHC facilitates chronic disease programs (chronic pain/conditions, stress management, physical activity programs) and peer-led support groups (COPD support group) which support positive mental health. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca/our-programs/
Café causerie pour femmes de plus de 16 ans qui ont vécu ou qui vivent de la violence conjugale/familiale. Programme Ma vie, mon choix: Une heure par semaine
Sujets variés tels que les relations saines et malsaines, le cycle de la violence, l’estime de soi, la prise en charge et la résilience, le « self-care» et autres.
Équipe psycho-sociale https://equipepsychosociale.com/
Provide opportunities to teach coping and resilience skills to all ages.
The Sources of Strength program has aspects of peer mentorship. Group sessions are also conducted by our Mental Health and Addiction Secondary School Counsellors CDSBEO https://sourcesofstrength.org/
Voici la promotion des services (révisée) pour le programme Ma vie, mon choix et enfants témoins de violence.
promotion des groupes : café-causerie, Triple P et Mieux vivre avec le TDAH
Équipe psycho-sociale www.equipepsychosociale.ca
The Akwesasne Family Wellness Program offers: 6-week residential or non-residential program for women and men who have been victims of or exposed to abuse (domestic, physical, mental, emotional, sexual & self). 24-hour support line, on-site support and information available. Referrals, Advocacy, Education. Tools and information on domestic violence offered in individual & group settings. Access to cultural and traditional teachings. Outreach program Akwesasne Family Wellness Program http://www.akwesasne.ca/community-social-services/akwesasne-family-wellness-program/
The Young Adult Centre (YAC)
Sometimes you need a place to turn to… a place where you feel safe and comfortable. The Young Adult Centre (YAC) is a drop-in centre where you can talk to a public health nurse about any health-related issue. Get one-on-one counseling on birth control, sexuality, relationships, lifestyle, life skills issues, as well as STI counseling and testing. YAC can even provide you with a number of birth control options. Most importantly, everything you say is confidential. Appointments preferred, but drop-ins welcome.
Eastern Ontario Health Unit https://eohu.ca/en/classes-
Inspire community services for SDG Inspire Community Services for SDG http://www.css-sdg.ca/
SVCHC does this directly through community programs and indirectly through providers and staff interaction with our clients (Motivational Interviewing). SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca/our-programs/
Wellness and Accessibility Centre: At St. Lawrence College (SLC), we work collaboratively with students, faculty and staff to provide access and support to students through a range of Student Wellness & Accessibility Services. St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca
Eagle’s Nest Indigenous Centre: The Eagle’s Nest Indigenous Centre is a comfortable space for Indigenous students to relax, study, and interact with other Indigenous students. St.Lawrence College https://www.stlawrencecollege.ca
CMHA offers the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) and Living Life to the Full groups to clients. CMHA-CE also has Resource Centres where peers can learn coping strategies and reduce social isolation. CMHA https://www.cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/cmha-client-workshops