#1-Offer training and education to help identify, raise awareness, and break the stigma of mental illness.
Themes and strategies identified through public engagement. Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Create a local wellness app that provides information on community services, activites, group sessions and more.
Mental Health First Aid Training Mental Health Commission of Canada https://www.mhfa.ca/
Checkered Flags: Website developed in response to changes to the safe school provisions of the Education Act and is in line with A Shared Responsibility, Ontario’s Policy Framework for Child and Youth Mental Health. Goals are to Improved understanding, Improved joint decision-making processes, Improved access to existing services/supports for students and their families UCDSB http://checkeredflags.ca/
ConnexOntario provides free and confidential health services information for people experiencing problems with alcohol and drugs, mental illness and/or gambling. Our information and referral service is live-answer 24/7, confidential, and free. ConnexOntario – Drug
& Alcohol Helpline
This service assists the community by providing resources to help with: Medical, Physical, Addiction/Mental Health, Prevention and Traditional Medicines options. Wholistic Health and Wellness – Akwesasne http://www.akwesasne.ca/
Our professionally trained Crisis Line Responders are there to answer your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A crisis can include difficulty dealing with stress, overwhelming feelings, symptoms of depression, anxiety or psychosis, suicidal thoughts, or any concerns regarding your mental health or that of your loved ones. Mental Health Crisis Line https://crisisline.ca/
A website created by the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Champlain-East which contains information on mental illness, how to support individuals with thoughts of suicide, where to go for help in the community, and available trainings in the community such as safeTALK, ASIST, Suicide to Hope.
Establish a program with a focus on mental health in the farming community. The Farm Line Support Service phone help-line was the result of the 1999 Farm Family Psycho-Social Economic Health Research Project, completed by the Ontario Farm Women’s Network, with the help of other rural and farm organizations, including the OFA, CFFO, Farm Safety Association, University of Guelph and Kemptville College. Dedicated trained volunteers are answering the incoming phone calls. All volunteers have a strong agricultural background. Farm Line http://www.thefarmline.ca/
Expand the education on dementia and continue working on becoming a dementia friendly community.
The Adult Day Programs is a fun-filled day with social, recreational and educational activities for frail/dementia clients. Adult Day Programs https://www.cornwall.ca/
As an agency that provides direct support to people across Eastern Ontario who are living with dementia, Carefor understands the growing need for dementia related programs and funding. Carefor Health & Community Services https://carefor.ca/news-1
Alzheimer’s Society of SDG&PR has training available regarding Dementia Friendly Community. Training is offered to Municipalities / businesses / agencies. Alzheimer’s Society https://alzheimer.ca/en/cornwall/
Provide Mental Health 101 workshops to the general public to break the stigma. Subjects could include recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness, how to recognize trauma or abuse and how trauma affects brain development.
Many school boards have a ‘mental health literacy’ program, which varies from Board to Board. Literacy can focus on staff or student efforts. UCDSB https://smho-smso.ca/educators
Inspire can provide (on a limited basis) psychoeducational workshops on mental health issues related to anxiety, depression and coping mechanisms. Inspire Community Support Services http://www.css-sdg.ca/
CMHA hosts awareness campaigns during Mental Health Week, Mental Illness Awareness Week, Bell Let’s Talk to promote wellness CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php
CMHA offers presentations in the community to support better understanding and awareness of mental health while building on coping skills. CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca
Talking About Mental Illness (T.A.M.I.): TAMI is an evidence based anti-stigma program that helps to increase the understanding of mental health/illness. It is intended to dispel common misconceptions regarding mental illnesses and those living with a mental illness. Students are introduced to various mental disorders, causes, treatments and available community resources. CMHA https://www.cmha-east.on.ca
Mental Health Works provides capacity building workshops on workplace mental health to both employers and employees. Our approach is person centred, evidence based, and solutions focused. We’re equipped to meet the mental health awareness training needs of any organization. CMHA https://www.mentalhealthworks.ca/
MENTalk is a community on a mission to break down the stigma attached to men’s mental health MENTalk https://www.mentalk.online/
6 week training course on Mental Health: hands-on strategies for people to use to help be successful in a class or work environment. Tri County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.
CDSBEO provides Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with youth to our CDSBEO staff. When space is available, they invite community partners and parents/coaches/Girl Guide Leaders to these trainings CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Provide knowledge and tool to employers on mental health and mental illness in the workplace
CMHA provides these trainings to workplaces.
Suicide Prevention: A resource guide for agency, personnel and management was developed by the Suicide Prevention Coalition to increase education and awareness on the topic of suicide and encourage organization to implement suicide prevention protocols / guidelines that would assist employees to respond to at risk individuals.
CMHA http://www.reachoutnow.ca/
Mental Health Works provides capacity building workshops on workplace mental health to both employers and employees. Our approach is person centred, evidence based, and solutions focused. We’re equipped to meet the mental health awareness training needs of any organization. CMHA https://www.mentalhealthworks.ca/
138 managers from UCDSB have been trained in Mental Health Works UCDSB https://www.mentalhealthworks.ca/
Employability Network, a working group of the Social Development council has offered Untapped Workforce workshop to employers. This has included mental health in the workplace on 2 occasions. Employability Network – SDC https://sdccornwall.ca/employability-network/
Workplace EAP program offers tools to CDSBEO staff. CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/our-programs/mental-health/programs/
Provide more opportunities to teach and learn Mental Health First Aid CMHA offers Basic and Mental Health First Aid for Adults Interacting with Youth workshops. CMHA also offers the LivingWorks workshops, such as safeTALK, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and suicide to Hope (s2H), to help build a suicide-safer community. CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/training
Run an advocacy campaign which include testimonials and personal stories.
Job Zone post success stories on social Media and website. Job Zone d’emploi https://jobzonedemploi.ca/english/
CMHA includes testimonials in our TAMI program and at events where possible, such as the Mental Illness Awareness Week Walk CMHA https://cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/