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Lived Experiences Advisory Council – Part Time Council Member

6 hours per month – Start date: April 2021

About Vibrant Communities:
Vibrant Communities is a collective impact initiative led by The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area which at the core is a poverty reduction strategy. It engages hundreds of policy makers, healthcare workers, non-profit professionals, business owners, people with lived experience and many more from across SDG, Akwesasne and Cornwall. The group is to assess the risks and find the biggest issues our communities are faced with. They will then take action collectively and address those largest societal issues with a strong focus on prevention. Their 4 pillars determined by the community are Mental Health, Health Services, Poverty and Community Safety. Through public engagement 116 strategies have been identified by the community. The next step is to review the feasibility of these strategies and develop a comprehensive implementation plan. 

Role Summary:

  • Members will meet every 2 weeks
  • Members will advise on the strategies developed and implemented by Vibrant Communities: Our Safety and Well-Being plan. 
  • Members will be asked to comment and share their personal experiences of living in poverty. 
  • With the help from the Lived Experiences Advisory Council members, Vibrant Communities hopes to create support programs and advocacy campaigns for our region that will reduce the level of poverty our residents are faced with. 


  • Willingness to share your story 
  • Desire to help create a plan and strategies that will reduce the level of poverty in our community. 
  • Ability to participate in 2 meetings per month
  • Bilingualism is an asset

The Lived Experiences Advisory Council will include residents who reflect the diversity of the Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry, Cornwall and Akwesasne region. In selecting members for the Lived Experiences Advisory Council, consideration will be given to ensure good representation from equity-seeking groups. Members will include: 

  • Racialized people
  • Newcomer to Canada
  • Persons with disabilities 
  • Indigenous, metis or inuit people 
  • LGBTQ+ community
  • Seniors
  • Youth 
  • Single parents 
  • Employed and unemployed individuals 
  • Francophones

Lived Experiences Advisory Council members’ insight will be critical to ensure our plan best reflects the needs of our community. 

Note: Lack of access to technology or internet access will NOT be a barrier to participation. These will be provided if needed. 

If you have any questions please contact Carilyne at [email protected] or 613-930-0211.

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