#4- Coordinate better care for our community.
Themes and strategies identified through public engagement. Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Create a community with a culture of volunteerism and giving back.
There is an ongoing need for volunteers. The volunteer culture in Cornwall, SDG and Akwesasne is healthy and vibrant. Many local organizations offer meaningful volunteer opportunities. Here are just a few options
The Agape Centre agapecentre.ca
Boys & Girls Club https://www.bgccornwallsdg.com/get-involved/volunteers
Cornwall Hospital https://www.cornwallhospital.ca/en/Volunteer
Cornwall Public Library https://www.library.cornwall.on.ca/about/support
Salvation Army https://www.facebook.com/Salvationarmycornwall/
Serendipity Boutique https://www.facebook.com/SerendipityBoutique613
Optimist Club https://optimistclubofcornwall.org/
Meals on Wheels https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/meals-on-wheels.aspx
Canadian Cancer Society https://www.cancer.ca/en/?region=on
Kinsmen Club https://www.cornwallkin.com/
Beyond 21 http://www.beyond21.org/
Dundas County Hospice https://dundascountyhospice.ca/
United Way http://unitedwaysdg.com/
Tri-county Literacy Council accepts volunteers and promotes volunteerism among its learners. Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com
Volunteer Administrators Network has the objective to enhance volunteer experiences (in the region), foster volunteer engagement to improve retention in our organizations (and) collaborate as a network to bridge volunteer gaps. Volunteer Administrators Network https://sdccornwall.ca/
All of our secondary students require 40 hours of
volunteer work to graduate.
UCDSB http://www.ucdsb.on.ca/for_students/
SVCHC has vibrant Volunteer Services that supports its many programs and is involved in the local Volunteer Administrators Network (VAN) sharing resources and training to encourage volunteer engagement in the community. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
All of our secondary students require 40 hours of
volunteer work to graduate. We encourage students and their families to volunteer.
CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/students-
Implement a centralized coordination of care that includes more of the necessary people in the circle of care.
SVCHC engages in care coordination (Bridges); multidisciplinary team SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca
Our Guide for Supporting Child/Youth MH and Substance
Use provides a Single Plan of Care for our staff and
community partners (should they wish) to utilize.
CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Laurencrest Residential services partners with a local nurse practitioner, mental health worker and other practitioners to ensure those is custody receive the proper health care required Laurencrest www.laurencrest.com
CMHA promotes its programs and services regularly through social media and presentations. CMHA https://www.cmha-east.on.ca/index.php/en/
We are part of several planning tables in the developmental sector where service providers come together to tend to client needs. Inspire Community Support Services http://www.css-sdg.ca/
The purpose of the CSDG Situation Table is to bring front-line, acute-care, human-service agencies together in a collaborative manner, to reduce situations of acutely elevated risk in our community, in a compassionate and efficient manner. The table is made up of a core group of primary agencies representing social services, police/justice, health services and education. Ad-hoc agencies are called upon on a case by case basis to provide additional support to the primary agencies at the table when required. Situation Table https://quorum.hqontario.ca/Portals