#7-Prevent the duplication of service and coordinate better care for our community
Themes and strategies Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Continue to collect good and usable statistics and data for our region.
We continue to do our Resiliency Surveys for students in grades 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/
Health Statistics and Surveillance Reports The Eastern Ontario Health Unit is mandated by the government of Ontario to gather population health information and produce reports that assess the health status of its community. EOHU https://eohu.ca/en/health-statistics-and-surveillance-reports
Collects detailed statistics and is able to distribute a data analyst report every couple of months. The data report includes a de-identified summary of situations presented, agency involvement, demographic information, risk factors, protective factors, study flags, service mobilized, outcome of situation. Systemic issues are also tracked such as jurisdictional issues, waitlist, no service available, etc. Cornwall Stormont Dundas Glengarry Situation Table https://drive.google.com/file/d/1juS4jmxPMCWvk33t7-5EeRRGgKzamzhk/view
Collects detailed statistics for our S.D.G. & A. Victim Services of S.D.G. & A. vsv-sdga.ca
Demographics data for the region Choose Cornwall https://choosecornwall.ca/business/demographics/
Demographics and General Information The Counties of SDG https://business.sdgcounties.ca/site-selection/county-profile
The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline will publish anonymized data collected through phone calls, emails, and online tip reports to the hotline and collected from service providers and law enforcement agencies from across the country. Data collected and published by the hotline helps to assist victims and survivors, provides the anti-trafficking field with information to help combat all forms of human trafficking, and educates Canadians about the crime happening within our country. https://www.canadianhumantraffickinghotline.ca/statistics/ The Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline https://www.canadianhumantraffickinghotline.ca/statistics/
MCA collects all kinds of stats on all services from every department.  Some examples are- police stats, ambulance calls for service, Child Abuse stats, DV stats, fire calls.  These are to do with safety. Mohawk Council of Akwesasne http://www.akwesasne.ca/about/
SVCHC engages in care planning with the client, which often involves multiple agencies coordinating together; in building: dental, legal aid, dietitians, PT, pharmacist (interdisciplinary model), CCH & EOHU (smoking cessation), CAMH (OTN psych), etc. SVCHC https://www.seawayvalleychc.ca/programs/
Support firefighters home visit assessments to identify households in need.
Fire Prevention Division is an ad-hoc member agency to the CSDG Situation Table; therefore, if they are involved in a Filter 4 intervention will be in a position to identify households in need. The Cornwall Fire Service https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/fire.aspx
Firefighters that make visits with housing workers to identify fire and safety hazards that can be addressed and referrals are made if family is in need of a service Akwesasne https://www.facebook.com/HAVFD/