#4-Initiate a Community Emergency Resource Fund to support families in financial crisis.
Themes and strategies Existing Funding Initiative Requirements Amount Provided Agency Link to Program
Create a community fund that would be distributed by our emergency services when a family or an individual is in crisis. (Fire, theft, etc)
Victim Quick Response Program+ (VQRP+): Program is to assist victims, their immediate family members, and witnesses in the immediate aftermath of violent crimes by providing short-term financial support with essential expenses in order to lessen the impact of the crime, enhance safety, and meet immediate practical needs arising from the commission of the crime. This is a last resort program Criteria is very strict for what constitutes the type of crime as well as what victims can receive. There are strict timelines for application and depend on the type of crime/support request. Referrals are done by contacting Victim Services and completing their intake/questionnaire. Amounts vary depending on needs. Possible funding items: Supports for immediate needs such as basic necessities, immediate support needs, cellular phones, home safety, and funerals; Counselling and traditional Indigenous health services including transportation and interpretation; Serious injury supports and aids for victims with disabilities; Supports for families of homicide victims; and Residential Treatment, Transportation and Tattoo Removal (HT survivors only) Victims Services SDGA http://vsv-sdga.ca/
Vulnerable Victims and Family Fund: Assistance for victims of crime and families of homicide victims. Financial and court-based supports to assist in court participation include: Travel needs, Interpretation services and appropriate technological supports (captioning or other equipment) Contact local VWAP office for information. Amounts vary on a case by case basis Victim Witness Assistance Program https://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca
Champion 4 Kids program. The pool of money comes from donations from UCDSB staff as well as fundraising/special events. Applications are completed by school Principals – Case by case basis
– Maximum amount of $500
– Funding can go towards certain things ex:
Grocery cards, gas cards to get to appointments, glasses, clothing etc.
Upper Canada District School Board http://championsforkids.ucdsb.on.ca/
Various housing/financial support for housing programs exist through the City of Cornwall: Social housing program, Rent supplement program, Canada Ontario housing benefit, Ontario renovates program, Domiciliary Program, Homelessness prevention program (CHPI)
Social Service Relief Funds (SSRF) for vulnerable sector clients that have come in contact with police and/or vsmart due to crisis that could be assisted and averted through some basic needs funding. This is the first time we receive this. It was through the city social services department.
Further information can be retrieved on the City of Cornwall Website: Amounts vary on a case by case/need basis City of Cornwall – Social Housing department https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/social-housing-division.aspx#
Ontario Works Program:
Contact the Ontario Works department at the City of Cornwall. 613-933-6282
If someone is accessing Ontario Works, additional amounts of money can be provided for specifics. Examples include:
-bus passes
– recreational programs
-start up requirements
– assistance in purchasing equipment needed for employment/schooling
City of Cornwall – Financial Support https://www.cornwall.ca/en/live-here/ontario-works.aspx
Clothing and food provided for those in need during a crisis situation. Call Agape at 613-938-9297
Or Send a message on Facebook Messenger
Case by case basis The Agape Centre http://agapecentre.ca/
For clients only. The case manager can seek funding through the ‘Children’s Access Committee’. There is a pool of money in which the leftovers can provide assistance to families in crisis. Funding can be sought for ‘relief services’. 775 Campbell St, Cornwall, ON 613-937-3072 Client/family need to speak with their case manager who would then make the applications. Case by case basis. Inspire Community Support Services (Formerly SD&G Developmental Services) https://developmentalservices.ca
For families without an open file, assistance can be sought in situations where providing assistance would prevent the need to bring children into the care of CAS (ex. provision of basic needs, assistance paying heating/electricity bills).
For families with open files, assistance can be requested to the assigned worker.
For former youth in care who have aged out of the CAS mandate, the FACE program (funds after care emergency) can be applied for
Funding can be used if it is shown that providing the funding will help prevent a child from being brought into the care of CAS.
Other funding options need to have be examined/exhausted.
Applications are made by staff who forward the applications to a committee who make the approvals.
Case by case basis. The Children’s Aid Society of SDG https://www.cassdg.ca/en/
At CDSBEO, we have the Good Samaritan Fund which often goes to families who have experienced traumatic events (house fire, theft), or for students who are experiencing poverty (and require Christmas presents or schools supplies for instance) CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/our-