#3-Enhance awareness and promote existing service within the Police, Fire, Paramedic services.
Themes and strategies Existing Initiative Agency Link to Program
Organize community events to engage residents and youth to meet our emergency teams and build trust for public safety agencies.
Youth Symposium, open house School programs Cornwall police http://www.cornwallpolice.ca/en/sections-and-units/youth-services.html
Open House at the stations, Police Week Presentations directed at the public to enlighten them on policing activities, VIP School programs delivered to students within Cornwall, OPP have a similar program, Auxiliary Police Officer Programs allows citizens to volunteer with the police services, Mobile Community Watch citizens volunteer to patrol city. Yearly R.A.D program aka “Racing against Drugs” involves partner agencies such as RCMP, OPP, MNR, SD&G paramedics service and DND. Cornwall Police https://cornwallpolice.ca
Embedded into some program curriculum such as police foundations and social service worker program
St Lawrence College
We have a School Resource Officer. CDSBEO https://ocdsb-otss.ss13.sharpschool.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_234255/File/school%20links/School%20Resource%20Officer%20Program/SROFlyer_e.pdf
Provide better awareness of the many existing local resources to ensure residents are accessing the services they need.
ConnexOntario / ConnexGO -provincial resource people can call, email, and message for mental health, addiction, and problem gambling services. They ask people to provide a location to recommend resources/services close to them.

ConnexGO is an app for Apple/Android to access to call, email, message and research local services. In Cornwall, Inspire Community Support Services and Cornwall Hospital are listed.

ConnexOntario https://www.connexontario.ca/en-ca/
[IN DEVELOPMENT FOR SDG] Ma liste, ma santé pour la région de Stormont, Dundas et Glengarry. Visitez le www.malistemasanté.ca – modèle créé à Ottawa par et pour les jeunes Site web pour faciliter l’accès aux ressources en santé mentale et autres services en français pour les jeunes de 12 à 25 ans de la région de SDG Équipe psycho-sociale http://malistemasante.ca/
eMentalHealth.ca – a resource hub for information on mental health for youth, children and families. It includes self-screening tools, info sheets, news, events, research and a location-based directory on where to get help if needed. eMentalHealth.ca (CHEO initiative in partnership with the Cornwall Community Hospital) https://www.ementalhealth.ca/Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry-and-the-City-of-Cornwall/FindHelp/index.php?m=findHelp&ID=0&originalSearch=Stormont,%20Dundas,%20Glengarry%20and%20the%20City%20of%20Cornwall,%20ON
CMHA Champlain East, in partnership with Standard Freeholder, publishes monthly articles on mental health that includes numbers to call and a link to their website. CMHA Champlain East https://www.standard-freeholder.com/opinion/columnists/mental-health-matters-dealing-with-holiday-grief?fbclid=IwAR2yJp0zp7Btm_HXJqx8dwXegH9L5eoD4K4tjN6UeP625vMk2o4WP-ERQ3c
Community Conex Mobile App – a group of psychotherapists coming together to provide innovative therapeutic practices. They offer their own services along with having a mobile app (Apple & Android) to help local residents navitage all of the services/resources available in Cornwall. The app also includes a questionnaire to help tailor the type of help needed for each individual. Community Conex https://www.communityconex.com/
Kids Help Phone – includes a “find a youth program near you” section on its website that curates local programs available to youth (counselling, bullying, drugs/alcohol/gambling, violence/abuse, health, housing/homelessness, indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, legal, and newcomer to Canada) Kids Help Phone https://apps.kidshelpphone.ca/resourcesaroundme/search.html?q=&category=&location=cornwall_ontario
The Champlainhealthline.ca is an innovative web portal that puts accurate and up-to-date information about health and community services at the fingertips of consumers and health and social services providers across the Champlain region of Ontario. The Champlainhealthline.ca provides easy access to a reliable source of data, and empowers consumers to find the services they need close to home. Champlainhealthline.ca https://www.champlainhealthline.ca/
Community Resource List developed by the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area www.cornwall.ca/resources
SVCHC provides multiple resources on the LGBTQ+ Facebook page, and SVCHC’s Facebook page. Links to services is an integral part of coordinating care. SVCHC https://seawayvalleychc.ca/our-programs/
The Youth Hub promotes its services on their facebook page along with updated schedules and calendars Cornwall Community Hospital https://www.facebook.com/cornwallyouthhub/
Cornwall Community Hospital includes instructions for before coming to the hospital, parking, and accessibility to speed up the triage process by knowing this information in advance Cornwall Community Hospital https://www.cornwallhospital.ca/en/BeforeTheHospital
TCLC makes referral and provides a business card
to clients with local contact numbers for programs
and services.
Tri-County Literacy https://tricountyliteracycouncil.wordpress.com/
Our website and schools educate students and parents/guardians about what resources are available to them. CDSBEO https://www.cdsbeo.on.ca/our-programs/