#2-Examine property standards to address abandoned properties and poor housing conditions.
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Work with municipalities to focus on increasing the stock of safe and adequate housing.
The City of Cornwall is the housing service manager for both the United Counties of SDG and the City of Cornwall. In Council’s 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, priority #3 is to Growing quality of housing stock, including affordable housing. There are 3 action items in this priority. #1 Create a task force. This is in the works and should be created in the spring 2021. #2 Create rental licensing registry to enable a database and adherence to applicable by-laws and standards. Public consultation is taking place on this matter. #3 Look at options to increase enforcement of property standards, building & fire codes. City of Cornwall https://www.cornwall.ca/en/city-hall/strategic-plan.aspx
Renters who have issues with the quality of their housing must first contact the owner of the property or the landlord. Then if the issue(s) are not resolved, they can contact their municipality to speak to a By-Law officer.
South Dundas 34 Ottawa Street, P.O. Box 740 Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0 613-543-2673 800-265-0619 Fax: 613-543-1076 [email protected] Open M to F, 8:30 to 4:3
By-Law 79-2 Property standards for Iroquois By-Law 28-86 Property standards for Morrisburg
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By-Law 43-2008 and By-Law 34-2015
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By-Law 2014-191 and 2014-109
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