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Stephanie Beauvais

Round 5 of the Emergency Food Hampers

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During the week of the 21st of June, the fifth round of Emergency Food Hampers were assembled and delivered to over 1600 houses in Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne. It was evident this was a great team effort, with exceptional leadership from the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area and the United Way SDG.  Funding the City of Cornwall received through the Social Services Relief Fund (provided by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs) made everything possible. Hampers included varying foods such as apples, rice, peanut butter, ground beef, pasta, cereal, tuna, bread, milk and more. Boxes were made for…

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NOW CLOSED – 2 Summer Student Positions – Project Manager

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Position Overview: The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area, is looking for 2 highly motivated, dynamic, creative, organized, and passionate summer students to help support the Vibrant Communities(VC) Project, the Regional Emergency Response Council(RERC) and local non-profits. Position Details: This position’s main responsibilities will include: Working in collaboration with the Vibrant Communities’s working group and RERC to assist in the execution of various projects in the community. Creating and implementing communications and marketing plans including but not limited to developing and administering e-mail messages and social media posts. Promoting the events and projects in the region. Support members of…

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