Working For a More Vibrant Community

To collaborate with partners to incubate, connect, and strengthen
social development enterprises throughout our community.

Social Development Council of Cornwall & Area

We are an organization that focuses on building a more vibrant community for all residents in Cornwall, Akwesasne, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

By ensuring all of our social and non-profit agencies are working together we can maximize our local efforts in poverty awareness and reduction, food security, employability, and social well-being .

The 2014-2017 Strategic Plan outlines our goals for the next three years and provides a proactive direction for the S.D.C.

View the SDC's Strategic Plan Here

Our Vision

Share and achieve innovation that supports a vibrant community.

Our Mission

To collaborate with partners to incubate, connect and strengthen social development enterprises across Cornwall Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry and Akwesasne.

Our Impact

Align and connect to the community we serve in the advancement of: vibrant, inclusive, resilient and prosperous innovation.

Our 2018-2021 Goals

1. Develop, endorse and market non-profit incubation opportunities.

2. Develop and deepen relationships among the joint committees and partnerships to increase knowledge, effectiveness and capacity for collective action.

3. Conduct and collect data, research, and analytics locally, regionally, nationally and globally to make informed decisions and share trends.

4. Accelerate and strengthen vibrant community engagement.

5. Strategize funding opportunities to sustain the SDC, the partnerships and the projects.

Our Services

The SDC accomplishes its mission in five ways:

· Strengthen and encourage civic engagement and proactive outreach;
· Facilitate and link community resources;
· Collectively sustain community based partnerships;
· Leverage funding streams/sources;
· Conduct, and map reliable data, analytics and research.

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Latest News

NOW CLOSED – 2 Summer Student Positions – Project Manager

By News

Position Overview: The Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area, is looking for 2 highly motivated, dynamic, creative, organized, and passionate summer students to help support the Vibrant Communities(VC) Project, the Regional Emergency Response Council(RERC) and local non-profits. Position Details: This position’s main responsibilities will include: Working in collaboration with the Vibrant Communities’s working group and RERC to assist in the execution of various projects in the community. Creating and implementing communications and marketing plans including but not limited to developing and administering e-mail messages and social media posts. Promoting the events and projects in the region. Support members of…

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Next Event

Cornwall Is Growing with New Edible Landscape Initiative

By Events, Events

Imagine a future where residents could walk across Cornwall, picking fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs to use at home for free.  If this idea excites you, the Social Development Council of Cornwall and Area invite you to attend the upcoming public meeting to brainstorm ideas for edible landscaping in Cornwall.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm at the Benson Centre. Edible landscaping refers to the use of food-producing plants in the landscape design and generally combines fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, along with ornamental plants into aesthetically pleasing…

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Thank You to Our Supporters

Currently, the SDC is now funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation for another 2 year term.

The SDC wishes to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for their support!!

The SDC is one of 20 official member organizations of the SPNO who work together to promote social justice and human rights, who provide a common voice to influence policy development and implementation, and improve quality of life and community well-being.

Recent municipal funding was made available to the SDC through the city of Cornwall and the Provincial Ministry of Community and Social Services, making this website and other projects possible! THANK YOU!